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Access Control

Entry and Exit Devices
Access Control Picture


  • Telephone Entry
    • Telephone entry units can be programmed to allow access with four digit entry codes, as well as be programmed to ring the home phones or even dial any outside telephone line and can be controlled through the phone to allow or deny access.

  • Card Readers
    • Card readers are useful for gated communities or applications where you typically have many users. Cards can be uniquly programmed so that you could remove a users card from the system if you no longer wanted to give them access.

  • Proximity Readers
    • Proximity readers are the "new big thing" with access control. You can program unique "tags" just like a card, except rather than having to swipe your card, the proximity reader can read the tag from a preset distance. For example, you could store a tag in your vehicle and have your gate open before you pull in your driveway and without having to press anything.
    • These readers can be tied in to more complex systems to allow tracking through computers to show entry and exit times.

  • Wireless transmitters
    • This is the most common way to control your gate. These work just like your garage transmitters.

  • Keypads (wired and wireless)
    • Similar to the telephone entry except with a keypad, a guest must know the entry code to gain access. With telephone entry, a guest can call the house to announce themselves.

  • Free Entry by in ground loops
    • In ground loops can be cut in blacktop and sealed or set in a preformed loop under the dirt underneath the blacktop. Loops are designed to pickup the metal from moving objects and can be programmed to open your gate automatically if you were only using your gate for a deer fence for example, and didnt want to restrict access.

Exit Devices

  • In ground probe
    • Probes are similar to loops except that they have a metal rod at the end and can be a target for lightning. They are usually used in areas where installing a loop in the driveway is not practical.
  • Free exit loop
    • Free exit loops are the most common and reliable way to allow automatic opening of your gate when exiting. They are designed to pick up moving metal and will open your gate when a vehicle passes over the loop in ground. They can be saw cut into your blacktop or concrete driveway, or installed underneath with a preformed loop.
  • Push button
    • A push button can be installed in an accessable area to manually open your gate befor exiting.


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