Swing vs Slide?

One of the biggest decisions to make is choosing between the two. Both are viable options depending on the area where the gate will be installed. Both options are explained briefly below.


Swing Gates

We usually recommend swing gates when possible because they are typically safer, have fewer moving parts, are quieter and have a more compact and pleasing look.Swing Gate Style

Slide Gates

Slide gates are definitely another automation option, especially when a swing gate is not possible. For instance, we would recommend a sliding gate when:

  • the area that a swing gate would normally open up into is limited in some way (landscaping, boulders, etc.) or needs to be used for parking.
  • the driveway is significantly sloped uphill. Another option, however, would be to have the gate swing out if possible, away from the house–effectively eliminating the need for a slide gate.


Cantilever Slide Gate
A wrought iron gate, or any type of vehicular gate, equipped with an electric or hydraulic gate operator reliably takes over the opening and closing of the gate. With additional electric and appropriate safety devices, automated gates open smoothly, quietly and within their full width, allowing access across the whole gate area. Using a remote control, intercom unit or other type of access device, the gate can be opened and closed from a distance, without the operator nearby.

At Berkshire Fence Company, we offer a wide range of swing, slide and barrier gate operators which permit adaptation to almost any environment, and allows us to accommodate all the individual needs of our customers.



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